#gbdoc was created by People With Diabetes (PWD) for People With Diabetes in Great Britain.

Inspired by the amazing work being done by Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) in the USA, #gbdoc was launched on the 15th August 2012 as a resource available online for people affected by diabetes.

Anyone, with any ‘type’ of diabetes, anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re a person living with diabetes (PWD), a parent, carer, employer, friend or family member; the #gbdoc is here to help you communicate with others both newly diagnosed and long-time PWD, to learn, to teach, and to share stories with others who “just get it”.  Others who personally understand the challenges; physical, emotional and mental. Others who understand the day to day issues that managing a lifelong chronic condition brings.

Where you’ll find the #gbdoc

Every Wednesday evening at 9pm you can join the online tweet chat on Twitter. It’s a free to use social media platform that allows you to post messages of up to 140 characters. It’s a place to connect, share, support and be supported.  One of the best ways to follow the chat is here and following the hash-tag #gbdoc

On the 15th August 2012 #gbdoc held its first chat, inspired by the DSMA’s tagline:

“Simple questions, thought-provoking responses. Strengthening the diabetic community one Tweet at a time” 

#gbdoc’s tweet-meets bring people together online for a one hour moderated chat every week.

Come and join us.

Ground Rules

Founding Principles