Tweetchat Rules

Netiquette, Tweetiquette and Social media do’s & dont’s

Empower. Connect. Support. Educate.

That’s what the #gbdoc is here to do. To do that effectively we need to communicate in a way and with a language that is acceptable and accessible to all. To parents, children, teenagers, friends, family, employers and people with diabetes.

You can find a a glossary of common terms, frequently asked questions and well used abbreviations here

Please remember our aim is to connect, be inclusive and support and empower our community. Through our efforts we can help educate not only the diabetic community, but those who support, supply and search for cures for our condition.

Inclusive, honest and tolerant. Welcome to the #gbdoc !
#gbdoc will banish ANYONE who is deemed to have behaved inappropriately.

*A note to all Health Care Professionals (HCP) and Diabetes Industry Professionals (DIP)*

Please respect that this is first and foremost a place for people with diabetes (PWD) to meet, chat and feel supported, safe and secure. It is not a forum for you to self-promote, market or intrude unnecessarily.

Please do correct factual mistakes. Please also allow us to express our opinions!