Day Two – Technology

Day two at the ADA Scientific Sessions 2015 saw the opening of the main exhibition hall, a chance to step away from the education and study sessions to instead speak to pharmaceutical companies, technology manufacturers and the faces behind the products to help build a greater understanding of how the products came to exist, and what motivates the individuals that keep them coming.


ADA Panorama

As a result of the change in format and a wider range of activities available we were able to K?nyvajánló get out and sample a bit of everything the show had to offer. With the big names of Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and Company, and Novo Nordisk all in attendance, we got straight to the heart of them to hear about the latest in their research and development of products.

One of the key pieces of technology on show and a real talking point from all corners was the Medtronic 640g system, offering connectivity with the Medtronic Enlite 3 sensor and improved Connect software. With the selection of wholesale MLB jerseys insulin pumps and technology as it stands right now, the 640g is the closest we have on the market to a closed-loop system; it’s safeguard technology able to stop insulin delivery should the sensor detect a pattern in the drop of your blood glucose levels. Keep an eye out on the site in the near future for our interview with Dr Pratik Choudhary, who helped in the developed of the system!

We were particularly interested in the Tandem Diabetes Care stand and their range of pumps, partly due to them being unavailable in the UK, so we wanted to find out more.


Tandem produce the ‘T:Slim’ and new ‘T:Flex’ insulin pumps, both sharing the same design that makes no attempt to disguise it’s Apple influence. The T:Flex especially took us by surprise with its advertisement of a ’60 unit bolus’ capability – given that none of us use that much in a total daily dose, to be able to bolus 60 units in one DarkFlower go is simply mindboggling!

The T:Flex despite the huge figures quoted does however have another unique aspect, in that it has mostly been designed with Miami Dolphins Jerseys Type-2 Diabetics in mind – another theme that has been prevalent at ADA, the use of insulin pumps to manage Type-2 Diabetes and thus blurring the line between the two further.

We’re big fans of Dexcom in the #GBDOC, in fact we’re of the belief that all people with Diabetes should have access to it but unfortunately for now that just isn’t possible. At the conference со they were showcasing the new app based version of their receiver, compatible with the Apple iWatch. Word on the grapevine was talk One of possible new device too, but wholesale mlb jerseys there Replica is nothing official as of yet…


Day two of the ADA Scientific Sessions showed us how far technology has come in Diabetes management, but also how far it is still yet to go. With pumps now crossing over into T2 Diabetes we can perhaps expect to see faster development, as more users means more information to collect, and greater advances as a result. Of course talk of a ‘cure’ is nice, but we have seen that at least for now, there is some incredibly exciting technology being made available to make management and our lives as #PWD much easier.