Your Diabetes Kit

It is vital for anyone with Diabetes no matter which type or their level of experience to know what to carry with them, and what to have in place in case of emergency. We have put together a list of the items we recommend you keep, to ensure that in the event of an emergency you can ensure you are safe and that others are able to assist when necessary.

The Basics


Other necessary medication

Blood glucose meter

Batteries for BG meter

Test strips for BG meter

Ketone test strips/meter and supplies

Hypo Treatment – Dextrose/juice/jelly babies etc

For Injections


Sharps bin


For Pumps

Spare pump where possible, if not see above





Flashlight and batteries (if meter not backlit)

Copies of important documents: medical details, Doctor’s name and and address

Repeat prescription, emergency contact numbers.

Basic first aid kit


Keep it in a small, waterproof, handheld bag and kept in an accessible place. Consider having an emergency backup for friends/family to keep.